All About Iowa

Iowa is known for it’s farming, mostly corn and beans.
I live on a family farm, that is 128 years old. Some of the things I like doing on the farm are four wheeling and hanging out with friends in the summer, and in the winter pretty much just staying inside unless I go out and snowmobile with my friends and siblings. We have cattle, goats, one dog, and just some farm cats. Another thing that I like doing on the farm is shooting hoops outside.
Another thing that I do in the summer is go to town and hang out with friends. I live about two miles out from town on gravel, so sometimes I just ride bike into town. It’s a small town but there are still a lot of things to do.
And some things to do in the winter are go shopping. Even though I live about an hour away from the mall, I still go a lot. And some other things to do is to go sledding with friends or pull each other with the snowmobile.
And that’s what I do in Iowa.