All About Iowa

Iowa is known for it’s farming, mostly corn and beans.
I live on a family farm, that is 128 years old. Some of the things I like doing on the farm are four wheeling and hanging out with friends in the summer, and in the winter pretty much just staying inside unless I go out and snowmobile with my friends and siblings. We have cattle, goats, one dog, and just some farm cats. Another thing that I like doing on the farm is shooting hoops outside.
Another thing that I do in the summer is go to town and hang out with friends. I live about two miles out from town on gravel, so sometimes I just ride bike into town. It’s a small town but there are still a lot of things to do.
And some things to do in the winter are go shopping. Even though I live about an hour away from the mall, I still go a lot. And some other things to do is to go sledding with friends or pull each other with the snowmobile.
And that’s what I do in Iowa.


We made a timeline about the most important things from our times. Then we made a museum with the things that have historical significance in our life and items that make us proud and happy. For our timeline and museum we were supposed to determine what the major events in our history were. I chose the things in my history by thinking what things have happened over time in my life. And the characteristics that I used were the things that affected me in a way that I will always remember.

Also we are going to be learning all year with Mrs. Krebs

about our American history and what we think is most significant. We can determine what is most important in American history by deciding what has happened that changes our lives right now. And the characteristics that we could use are the ones that have changed lives. I would like to study World War Two and the Wild West.