Status Quo vs. Working on Change

The eighth grade history assignment was to find an example of both the promoters of change, and the people who want to keep the status quo. We were allowed to be with partner. My partner chose to represent the promoters of change. Her promoter of change was Lucy Terry. I chose to do the people that wanted to keep the status quo. My example was the Duluth Lynchings, it was when three black circus workers were accused of raping a white woman. Look at my slide show to see more!

Genius Hour; Take 4!

For my genius hour, Meghan and I made a documentary movie on Miley Cyrus otherwise known as Hannah Montana. We were going to do a music video but it wasn’t possible; We couldn’t get the music on the computer. I learned a lot about Miley Cyrus in this project. But we used pictures from google instead of flickr, so we aren’t allowed to put it up on our blog. I did have fun in genius hour, like usual. (:

Skype Session with Mr. Davis

In my History class right we are learning about American History. Mrs. Krebs then asked Kennith C. Davis to Skype with our class to answer some of our history questions. He has written a few books in the series Don’t Know Much About. He answered a lot of my questions and made a whole lot more things clear. One thing that I learned that the slave states had more votes.

Photo from Mrs. Krebs

We didn’t have enough time to answer all of the questions. Some of the questions that we didn’t have time to answer are “What is the difference between Democratic and Republican? How many presidents have not been born into the political elite?” and a couple more. I liked having him talk to us, and I think that my class should do it more often.

Making a Barn Quilt

Photo from Mrs. Krebs

For our school Gala we are making a barn quilt in Mrs. Krebs class. Our class split up into boys and girls. Us eighth grade girls picked the colors blue and yellow. It was kind of hard taping all of the curves and especially with everyone trying to help. The creating process was kind of confusing but after that, it was real easy.

Photo from Mrs. Krebs.

Photo from Mrs. Krebs.









Photo from Mrs. Krebs.

Photo from Mrs. Krebs.










Photo from Mrs. Krebs.

I Love You

Every girl loves a kiss
Every mister loves a miss
Every cat loves hiss
And I love you

Every player loves a game
Every girl loves some fame
Every person loves a name
And I love you

Every volleyball loves an ace
Every lawyer loves a case
Every field loves a base
And I love you


Today is our first basketball game, we have had four practices with everybody. Our practice is with the 7th and 8th graders, but games are different. I am so excited for our game, but a little afraid because we are playing a good team. I was out last year with a dislocated knee cap, it sucked so bad just sitting on the bench. This year we are combining junior high sports with a local school, so that’s also a little different.. But we will just have to see how and goes! Wish my team luck!! (:

5 ways to entertain yourself when you’re bored

When you’re home alone and bored these are some things that might make you less bored!
1. Eat, eat something healthy or junk food either one will work.
2. Watch T.V, there is always something good on T.V.
3. Go outside, there are always fun and creative things to do outside, even if there is snow on the ground!
4. Go on the computer, it’s a distraction from being bored.
5. Take a nap, you can never go wrong with a little nap.